Terms of service




The following definitions apply to this Limited Warranty:

“Accessory” or “Accessories” means another secondary component (s) that are included in the box with the Product at the time of sale, which includes: DP/USB Cables, Power Adapters, and PIMAX Headband; provided that the component was manufactured by or for PIMAX and can be identified by the “PIMAX” trademark, trade name, or logo affixed to the component as originally supplied.

“Normal Use Conditions” means common end-user use under normal home conditions in accordance to the instructions provided with the Product or Accessory or posted online.

“Product” means the PIMAX virtual reality system, which includes the head-mounted display (“Headset”), the handheld controllers (“Controllers”), and the laser tracking stations (“Base Stations”) provided in the box at the time of the original purchase from an authorized Retailer.

“Retailer” means a business that sells goods directly to end-users, including those with a physical and/or online presence.

“Warranty Period” means twelve (12) months from the date You purchased the Product from an authorized Retailer.

“You” or “Your” means the original purchaser and/or original end-user of the Product.


During the Warranty Period, PIMAX warrants that the Product or Accessory will be free from defects in material and 
workmanship if used under Normal Use Conditions. 
This Limited Warranty is given only to You, and may not be sold, assigned, transferred, or given in full or in part to any subsequent purchaser or acquirer of the Product or Accessory or any other person. This Limited Warranty gives You specific legal rights,and You may also have other rights which vary from Country to Country.


This Limited Warranty does not apply other than to the Product or Accessory. It therefore does not apply to any non-PIMAX equipment or any software whatsoever, whether developed by PIMAX or a third party, even if intended or labelled as for use with the Product. Third party manufacturers, suppliers, or publishers may provide warranties for their own products and You may contact them directly for service.


if the Product or Accessory serial number, the date code or the water indicator has been removed, erased, defaced, or altered, or is illegible;

1、to any deterioration of the cosmetic appearance of the Product or Accessory due to normal wear and tear;

2、to consumable parts, such as face foam、 straps or protective coatings that are reasonably expected to diminish over time, unless failure has occurred due to a malfunction;

3、to malfunctions caused by the battery, if improperly installed, or if the seals of the battery or the battery pack is broken or show evidence of leakage or tampering;

4、to malfunctions caused by electrical surges or other electrical current problems that are not the fault of the Product or Accessory;

5、to use not in accordance with the user manual or not under Normal Use Conditions;

6、to rough handling; use outdoors; exposure to liquids; dampness or extreme thermal or environmental conditions or a rapid change in such conditions; corrosion; or oxidation;

7、to use for commercial purposes, as the Product is intended only for personal entertainment purposes;

8、to damage caused by or resulting from modifications or non-warranty repairs;

9、to accidents, forces of nature, or other actions beyond the reasonable control of PIMAX (including but not limited to deficiencies in consumable parts) unless the defect was caused directly by a malfunction;

10、to physical damage to the surface of the Product or Accessory, including but not limited to cracks or scratches on the surfaces of the Product or Accessory, including any screen or lens;

11、to any computer or other product to which the Product may connect. PIMAX does not warrant that the operation of the Product or Accessory will be uninterrupted or error-free;

12、to any Product in which the operating system and/or firmware has been altered, including any failed attempts to alter the operating system, regardless of whether such modifications are authorized, approved, or otherwise sanctioned by PIMAX; or

13、to malfunctions caused by unplugging any cable from or otherwise powering off the Product or your computer during a firmware update; or

14、to malfunctions caused by the use of the Product or Accessory with or connection of the Product to an accessory not approved or provided by PIMAX or used in any way other than its intended use and where such defect is not the fault of the Product itself.

This Limited Warranty is valid and enforceable. where the Product and Accessories are intended to be sold. A Product or Accessory can be returned to be repaired at the locations which designated by Pimax. Warranty service availability and response times may vary from country to country.


In the event of a perceived malfunction in the Product or Accessory, You should take the following actions:

Refer to the user manual and/or resources available at https://support.pimax.com in order to identify and correct the problem. Please note that opening the Product or Accessory may cause damage that is not covered under the Limited Warranty.

If the problem cannot be resolved by reference to the user manual and/or resources available at https://pimax.com You should contact the Retailer from which You purchased the Product or Accessory or visit https://support.pimax.com for further information on contacting PIMAX customer care for assistance.

When You contact the Retailer or PIMAX, please be sure to have the following information available:

The model and a serial number of the Product or Accessory.

Your full address and contact information.

A copy of the original invoice, receipt, or bill of sale for the purchase of the Product. You must present a valid proof of purchase upon making any claims pursuant to this Limited Warranty.

Upon completion of these steps, PIMAX will provide You with instructions regarding how and when the Product or Accessory should be returned. You may be responsible for costs in connection with the return of the Product or Accessory to PIMAX.

If You return the Product or Accessories during the Warranty Period and it satisfies the terms of this Limited Warranty, PIMAX or its authorized agent will, at its sole discretion, repair or replace it. Repair or replacement may involve the use of a functionally equivalent reconditioned Product or Accessories and/or parts. The Retailer or PIMAX will return the repaired or replacement Product or Accessories to You in good working condition. Any Product, Accessories, or parts or components thereof that are replaced under the terms of this Limited Warranty become the property of PIMAX.

If PIMAX repairs or replaces the Product, the repaired or replaced Product shall continue to be warranted for the remaining time of the original Warranty Period or for three (3) months from the date of repair or replacement, whichever is longer.

Rather than ask You to return the Product or Accessory, PIMAX may instead elect to supply user-installable parts directly to You to fulfill its Limited Warranty obligations. If requested by PIMAX, You in turn agree to return the replaced parts at Your cost.

PIMAX reserves the right to restrict warranty service to the country where the Product or Accessory was intended to be sold. PIMAX must be notified of a perceived malfunction during the applicable Warranty Period in order for You to be eligible for any remedy under the Limited Warranty. Do not ship Your Product or Accessory directly to PIMAX unless You are asked to do so when following the steps above. If You need to return the Product or Accessory for warranty service, the steps above must be followed.