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Pitool Download:

Version: V_1.0.1.268
1. Fix the problem that some models of HMD do not display a large FOV at 90HZ.
2. Update the driver version of the eye tracking module and optimize the delay of the eye tracking module.
3. It is compatible with 5K Super headset using firmware version R270 and above.
    Version: V_1.0.1.266
    Release Date: 2020/11/25
    Full Size: 118M
    1.Optimzed the backlight adjustment level.
    2.Added left and right eye IPD adjustment function
    3.Optimized the headset offset value function
    4.Compatible with 5K Super.
    5.Added FFR and DFR status display function
    6.Fix the problem that the firmware unable to upgrade through Pitool
    7.Fix the problem of AMD graphics driver errors
    8.Optimized update log display
    9.Optimized the compatibility of the headset and win7 system
    Version: V_1.0.1.263
    Release Date: 2020/9/1
    File Size: 119MB
    Beta (Support Eye Tracking )
    New Features:
    1. Display Port Signal Strength Diagnostic. In assistance with choosing DP with best quality/strength signal.
    2. Eye Tracking Module support and software.
    Bug Fixes:
    1. Fixed color channel error in settings.
    2. Fixed error popup reported in version 262.
    Known issues:
    1. This version may cause the eye tracking module temperature  being slightly higher.
    2. The tracking accuracy of this version is slightly low.

    Firmware Download:

    Not for 8K X

    Version: 270 

    1. Fix the black screen issue on some 5K Super headset.
    2. Fix the low brightness issue on 5K XR headset.

    Firmware Update

    Version: 264 

    Firmware Update

    Version: 269 

    For 8K X

    Version: 296 

    1. Added 60HZ option for native mode.
    2. Fix the accidental black screen problem in upscaling mode

    Firmware Update

    Version: 294

    Firmware Update

    Version: 290 

    Firmware Update