Return and Replacement Policy

Advance explanation

Because the value of the goods sold in Pimax official site is high, in order to protect your benefits, please try not to entrust others to sign for you; if others sign for you, it will be regarded as the packaging of the goods you ordered without any problems.

Instructions for inspection and receipt

When the courier delivers the package to you, please check the order number/waybill number and the corresponding courier company first. It is better to record the dispatcher’s work card number or name and contact information. You need to check the contents of Pimax package as follows:

1.Whether the outer packing is extruded or damaged, etc.

2.Whether the appearance is damp or not;

3.Check whether the tape is torn or sealed twice.

4.Whether the name of the signatory meets the requirements.

In the absence of the above conditions, the normal signature and receipt can be made.

After signing and receiving, in the presence of the courier, you can open the box and check and accept the contents, quantity and appearance of the goods with reference to the Pimax product invoice in the box (but there is no trial service here, please understand); if the contents, quantity and appearance of the goods in the box are abnormal, please ask the courier to sign and confirm and contact Pimax Customer Service Center immediately (400-612-9665) Our customer service staff will handle it for you.

Return Policy

If there is a quality problem in the goods, the PIMAX official will return the express fee to the user after receiving the return and confirming the quality problem.

Rejection note 
Please make sure that you inspect the goods when they are received. When you check and accept the goods, if you find that the packaging of the goods is damaged, the goods are short or wrong, and the surface quality problems of the goods exist, please point out to the distribution personnel on the spot, and contact Pimax Customer Service Center in time, you can refuse the whole package; for the goods with plastic packaging or fragile stickers, if you have opened the plastic packaging or torn open the fragile stickers, you can not refuse, but the goods are short or wrong. Except for errors or surface quality problems of commodities.

If you choose to refuse when signing, you can only refuse the whole package, but not part of the goods. If you choose to return or exchange goods, you can choose to return or replace some of the goods in the order, but you must return or exchange the related goods (gifts, bound goods, etc.).

After rejecting the order, if you want to get the goods in the order again, please place the order again in Pimax official mall. We will deliver it to you as soon as possible.

Special reminder

Before signing and receiving, it is necessary to carefully check the appearance of the box and the sealing tape. If the quality problem of transportation is reflected after signing and receiving, Pimax is also difficult to identify the responsibility due to lack of third-party certification. I hope you will understand.

If you contact us again after the courier leaves, there are problems in the content, quantity and appearance of the goods, we will not accept them because we can not confirm the responsibility.

If you find quality problems in the test machine, please contact our customer Support center