Celebration Timeline

Sep 17th
Sep 20th
Sep 23rd
Sep 26th

Pimax Store Live

To Celebrate our 7th anniversary and Pimax Store online, during the 7th anniversary,
get your choice of a free game from Pimax Store with the purchase of a Pimax 8K X or 5K Super.

• You need to register in Pimax Store (Please use the same e-mail address that you used to purchase the headset).

• You can redeem your free game starting from Sep.28 2022 in Pimax Store.

• If you have any questions, please click here to contact our online customer service.


Unlock on Sep.17

Pimax 5K Super

Pimax 8K X DMAS

Pimax 8K X KDMAS

Pimax Seven Years Mystery Gift

Stay up to date on our latest events to win special prizes, available to all Pimaxians.

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